DRILL 2014


Projekt TPEB „Energetická a kybernetická bezpečnost“


On 16 September 2014, DRILL 2014, a joint international security exercise, took place near the state border close to the Mountain of St. Sebastian. On this exercise cooperated more than 200 professionals from the Czech Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany. Together they participated on the intensive implementation of the construction of the replacement of a cross-border power line that connects networks ČEPS and 50Hertz.

DRILL 2014 simulates extreme situations of failure of some of the technical part of the electrical network, such as the fall of the mast. According to the scenario extreme calamitous weather conditions caused series of extraordinary situations in the electricity transmission systems in various countries in Europe, including the Czech Republic and Germany. This caused the failure of extra high-voltage transformer stations between Hradec near Kadan and Röhrsdorf.

Putting into operation an international connection in this situation suddenly becomes a strategic priority. The two companies will begin immediately to build a replacement transmission route for cross-border management. If the construction is complicated by other factors such as fire around or inaccessible roads, CEPS and 50Hertz cannot act without the help of rescue teams and military bodies of both countries. This situation of crisis which scenario was prepared and solved by dozens of experts from CEPS and 50Hertz.

JUDr. Richard Hlavaty actively participated on this special event and in his speech he presented to the participants the activities of TPEB Czech Republic, including the ongoing activities of the project Energy and cyber security.

DRILL 2014

The mission of TPEB CR is to establish scientific-research and industrial platform, aim of which is to support activities relating to research, development and introduction of new technologies ensuring protection of critical infrastructure in areas of energy industry and cybernetic.



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