Information about the meeting organized by TPEB Czech Republic within the premises of the Security Committee of the Chamber of Deputies


Projekt TPEB „Energetická a kybernetická bezpečnost“


On January 22nd 2015, a meeting was held with the members of TPEB and the representative of the Security and Defence Committee within the premises of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The event was organised under the auspices and in the presence of the member of the Committee for Security Ing. Václav Klučka and was attended also by other members of both committees, PhDr. Ivan Gabal and Ing. Bohuslav Chalupa and a member of the Committee for Security, MUDr. Miloslav Janulík. The special guest at the meeting was the Vice president of Czech Israeli Chamber of Commerce, Ing. Jiri Maceška. The aim of the meeting was to introduce TPEB and to present its activities during 2014, including the outlook for 2015 and to try to stimulate a broader dialogue between the members of TPEB and Members of the key security committees of the parliament.

During the first part of the meeting TPEB presented its activities related to the aim of fulfilling the long-term strategy based on its key characteristics of a PPP organisation. In this context several activities were mentioned being related to the effort to effectively connect public and private institutions in order to promote Czech solutions within the broadly defined field of critical infrastructure protection. These activities reflect the latest development in the legislative, political or strategic area based on promotion of the cooperation between national and international partners in the context of domestic and multinational projects (Security Research of the Ministry of Interior, TAČR, Horizon 2020, International Visegrad Fund). Specifically, the project Resilience 2015, which seeks support through the grant application within the Security Research Programme of the Ministry of Interior, was presented by its leader Ing. Martina Hromada, Ph.D. from Tomas Bata University in Zlín Additionally, other actions connected with the pre-contract activities associated with the bilateral cooperation with Israel or China were mentioned.

During the second part of the meeting there was a very lively and open discussion regarding the requirements and possible solutions for the security challenges, which where naturally stimulated by  the recent events in France. Security Director of ČEPS, PhDr. Martin Bilek, Ph.D., highlighted in this discussion the key role of his company within the state’s critical infrastructure and emphasized the company’s high level readiness to face critical situations, which is being regularly tested and improved. The representative of the academic sphere, Doc. RNDr.Tomáš Pitner Ph.D. from Masaryk University in Brno informed the others about the polygon which is being developed and which aims to create a unique environment for research and development of methods for protection against attacks of the critical infrastructure.

One of the conclusions of this interesting and open discussion was the statement of the Members of the Parliament that there is a considerably large space for spreading the capabilities of Czech companies and innovative consortia of companies and research institutions, especially with relation to the state administration. This fact represents a positive challenge for TPEB as a PPP project. In this context it was also agreed that the cooperation initiated between the Security and defence committees and TPEB will be intensified in the future.


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The mission of TPEB CR is to establish scientific-research and industrial platform, aim of which is to support activities relating to research, development and introduction of new technologies ensuring protection of critical infrastructure in areas of energy industry and cybernetic.



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