TPEB has joined three H2020 consortia

In August 2018, TPEB joined three consortia applying for the H2020 projects. It is an unprecedented success, which suggests the platform´s effectiveness in developing her cooperative network. The first of these projects is PredICT, which responded to the call DS-04-2018-2020: Cybersecurity in the Electrical Power and Energy System (EPES): an armor against cyber and privacy attacks and data breaches. TPEB also mediated the participation of the CyberSecurity, CyberCrime and Critical Information Infrastructures Center of Excellence (C4e) of the Masaryk University in Brno. The next CYBER-REACT project was directed to the SU-ICT-01-2018 (Dynamic Counter of Cyber-attacks) challenge Subtopic: b) Cyber-attack management – advanced response and recovery. The final project SecureGas applied to the call SU-INFRA01-2018-2019 -2020 „Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of combined physical and cyber threats to critical infrastructure in Europe“. In all cases, the TPEB contributes with her capacity in the area of ​​energy infrastructure, standardization and dissemination of results.

The mission of TPEB CR is to establish scientific-research and industrial platform, aim of which is to support activities relating to research, development and introduction of new technologies ensuring protection of critical infrastructure in areas of energy industry and cybernetic.



Last update 6.12.2022