CALL FOR CHAPTERS – Handbook of Research on Safety and Security Issues in Technical Infrastructures

Proposal Submission Deadline: May 23, 2019
Handbook of Research on Safety and Security Issues in Technical Infrastructures
A book edited by David Rehak, Ales Bernatik, Zdenek Dvorak, and Martin Hromada


In relation to urbanization trend, the population is increasingly dependent on technical infrastructures. These infrastructures provide for population irreplaceable services in the form of energy supply, provision of information and communication technologies, construction and maintenance of transport networks, industrial production, etc. It is therefore essential to ensure a permanent high level of security/safety for these infrastructures as well as the security/security of dependent infrastructures and populations in case of disruption or the failure of these technical infrastructures. High levels of security and safety for these infrastructures can be achieved in a variety of ways and means that are constantly evolving and modernizing in the context of current security/safety threats. Based on the above, this book focuses on Actual Safety and Security Issues in Technical Infrastructures.

The subject of the book is the elaboration of cross-cutting publication presenting a current overview and new trends of the safety and security issues in technical infrastructures. Safety and security are examined from different aspects, e.g. fire, explosive, transport, process, occupational, construction, material, technical, but also in terms of risks, uncertainties or decision making process. The aim of the publication is to present current approaches, methods, techniques and trends in the application of actual safety and security measures in technical infrastructures. The publication will make a significant contribution to the comprehensive awareness raising of experts in individual infrastructures safety and security. The impact of the publication is related to and consists in concentrating the knowledge and experience of leading experts from all / selected European countries into a single monograph.

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