TPEB ČR is a member of the consortium of the newly submitted project SCANNER

In November 2019, a new Horizon2020 project was submitted. TPEB CR is part of the consortium. 

SCANNER proposes an intelligent software platform to automatically identify security vulnerabilities and privacy violation methods based on static and dynamic analysis of code. The whole process will rely on the key principles of white box testing (exploiting software’s architecture, coding techniques and development environment) and black box testing (utilising deep learning algorithms, dynamic control flow techniques, penetration testing and data minimisation principle), forming a complete (runtime and non-runtime based), automated mechanism to a) test, b) validate, c) repair and d) certify software according to relevant state of the art, EU standards and frameworks. Novel Deep learning algorithms will be deployed to provide the proposed solution with the aforementioned features and capabilities. A second major contribution of the project is the provision of the SCANNER framework which leads to a privacy-respecting and cybersecure software architecture, complementing the existing product lifecycle tools. This framework will enable the development teams to develop privacy and security-by-design software and the certification authorities to set KPIs corresponding to different certification levels and to ultimately benchmark software accordingly. Additionally, the same framework will contribute to the establishment of EU cybersecurity and privacy standards. Finally, SCANNER will help bodies such as ENISA focus efforts by providing guidance and regulatory frameworks to aid the continual and enhanced resilience of ICT. The solution of the SCANNER platform is driven by its end-users’ needs, relying upon a design-thinking methodology. Existing market gaps are reflected into SCANNER’s use cases referring to: a) SaaS, b) mobile apps and c) microservices. The offered software solution and SCANNER framework will improve market opportunities for the EU vendors of security components, whilst the validation of the solution will increase trust in the Digital Single Market.

The mission of TPEB CR is to establish scientific-research and industrial platform, aim of which is to support activities relating to research, development and introduction of new technologies ensuring protection of critical infrastructure in areas of energy industry and cybernetic.



Last update 6.12.2022