Successful approval of two other new Horizon2020 projects

We are immensely pleased that after 9 years since the foundation of TPEB, its efforts, one of the pillars of the strategy, have succeeded in the European, respectively. the international market community, is starting to realize. The platform successfully submitted 12 projects to Horizon 2020. Only last year it first joined a major strategic consortium to deal with the European gas infrastructure SecurGas.

On January 20, 2020, we were notified by the European Commission of the approval of the other two projects described below from the same H2020 program. These programs confirm that the scope of the Platform is now wider than would be derived from its name. However, it is a critical infrastructure in its various forms, challenges and opportunities for innovative solutions. It is an opportunity for professionals across the spectrum of the Platform, a PPP project of small, medium and large companies or institutions. It is a challenge to involve existing and new experts.


The H2020 STAMINA consortium focuses on strategic and crisis management in the event of a pandemic crises. The project will offer the use of new concepts in predictive modeling and, in general, in dealing with pandemic crises that potentially help streamline national health planning systems, from the level of strategic planners to the first respondents. Existing crisis frameworks will be reinforced by intelligence gathered from pandemic database and models and advanced visualization technologies to: (a) predict the spread of diseases; (b) estimate the impact of the (socio-economic) pandemic crisis on public health in general; implementing the most appropriate response strategies, including resource planning and overall crisis management. Each demonstration will include several simulation exercises involving the complete chain of stakeholders necessary to test and validate the new proposed end-to-end concept, including cross-border cooperation.

Large-scale demonstrations will aim to provide stakeholders with a direct opportunity to cooperate in the validation of new concepts, thereby significantly improving situational awareness and decision support capabilities of relevant organizations in the field of strategic and crisis health management in a large number of EU Member States. The project will result in a commitment of stakeholders to share and implement the preparedness and crisis management strategies developed in the project and to implement proven new concepts at national and cross-border level.

TPEB is responsible for Czech demonstration and activities in the field of standardization and public reach.


H2020 consortium S4AllCities (Smart Spaces Safety and Security for All Cities) focuses on systems ensuring the safety and protection of urban residents.

Smart cities have the primary responsibility to ensure a secure physical and digital ecosystem that fosters cohesion and sustainable urban development for the benefit of EU citizens. S4AllCities integrates advanced technologies and organizational solutions into a market-oriented, unified Cyber-Physical Security Management framework aimed at enhancing the resilience levels of urban infrastructures, services, ICT systems, IoT, and promoting information and information sharing among participating urban security authorities.

Three pilot cases involving a total of 5 cities in 4 countries (Spain, Romania, Czech Republic, Greece) will enable the S4ALLCITIES System of Systems to deploy and validate its intelligent real-world components and functions, delivering solutions and services in line with the new the requirements of smart cities aimed at:

risk-based security management of open intelligent spaces;

cyber security; monitoring suspicious activities and behaviors;

identification of objects without supervision;

estimating cyber-physical risks in real time at multiple locations and measuring activation for effective crisis management.

S4ALLCities will take advantage of the presence of TPEB, a unique non-profit public-private partnership in the Czech Republic that focuses on critical infrastructure protection, while strengthening public-private cooperation in the area of ​​public space protection. TPEB will be the organizer of one of the 3 events the project will run with a focus on strengthening cooperation between public and private entities. TPEB, in its participation in the project, benefits significantly by gradually focusing on the wider area of ​​critical infrastructure alongside energy and developing its position in the field of standardization serving as a gateway for Czech standardization bodies.

The mission of TPEB CR is to establish scientific-research and industrial platform, aim of which is to support activities relating to research, development and introduction of new technologies ensuring protection of critical infrastructure in areas of energy industry and cybernetic.



Last update 6.12.2022